Welcome potential REEL ROCK host. We look forward to working with you! Hosting a REEL ROCK show is easy & fun, and we've laid it all out for you below.


Never hosted a show before? Read our FAQs below to find out more information.   


+ Can I Host my own REEL ROCK Screening?

Yes. REEL ROCK events are locally-hosted screening run by student groups, climbing gyms, retail shops and even individuals who have entrepreneurial spirit.

+ Will someone from REEL ROCK come to help me host?

We do not travel to any of the locally-hosted screenings. REEL ROCK show hosts are completely in charge of putting on a great event, including finding a venue, ticket sales and promotion.

+ Does it cost money?

Yes. We charge a license fee to screen the REEL ROCK program, which varies depending on the venue size, ticket price and your location.

+ Where can I screen REEL ROCK?

REEL ROCK screenings can be held in a number of places including, but not limited to: local theaters, school auditoriums, breweries and even climbing gyms with proper screening equipment.

+ When can I host REEL ROCK?

Hosts are encouraged to schedule shows anytime after the world premiere on September 15 through December 1st when the DVD is commercially released. If this time-frame is not ideal, you can book your REEL ROCK screening for the following spring.

+ Will you provide me with promotional materials to help make this a great event?

Yes. Once we have signed a contract, we will send you the digital download as well as the press kit and access to our posters, logo and high-resolution images. You also get 25% off posters and ticket printing if you use our templates through Ticket Printing. They have all our poster and ticket images ready to print and are a great resource.

+ Okay, I see, but how does it work? Will I make money?

We want all of our shows to be fun community events, and to meet the local organizer’s goals, whether that’s to turn a profit, to raise money for charity, or to provide free entertainment for members and customers. The only payment you will make to REEL ROCK is the licensing fee to screen the program. After that, the financial model will depend on the type of show you host. Will you be renting a venue? Will you be paying for a projector? What will you be charging for ticket prices, if anything? Many show hosts will pay for posters and tickets to be printed as well.

+ Here are a few suggestions for hosting a successful and fun show:

Think about your community. What kind of turnout do you expect? If you are screening in a retail shop or climbing gym please make sure there is adequate seating-room for people so viewers can be comfortable – the program is usually about two hours long. What are your plans for projection? Our films look best screened off a computer; we will send you a download link to screen the film. What price of tickets will help you offset your cost, but also not deter people away?

+ Can I find local sponsors?

Yes. Local sponsors are a great way to help cover the licensing fee. Sponsors who directly compete with REEL ROCK’s national sponsors (seen on our homepage) will not be accepted, but local climbing gyms, gear shops and other small businesses are often excited to contribute to the fee and/or sell tickets, promote, etc.

+ Can I host as a fundraiser?


+ Are the films rated?

The films are not officially rated, however, they may contain occasional adult language. We are happy to provide you with a censored version of the films upon request.